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 Stats Explanation WIP

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PostSubject: Stats Explanation WIP   Sun Jan 17, 2016 6:26 pm

Stats are the way that we determine exactly how strong, fast, or tough someone is. Here we use stats alongside the Class System to have exact determinations of power. Within your class, each stat has a stat cap that determines how powerful your character can get with their given tier. While this cap cannot be passed it is still ideal to level up your stats as high as possible within your predetermined stat caps. 

Now that you understand the method of gaining stat points, it's time to introduce you to the stat points themselves. There are 10 different stats that you can invest your SP into. Strength, Power, Dexterity, Haki, Defense, Toughness, Speed, Reflex, Stamina and Luck. Each of these stats offers combat advantage, besides from Luck which offers passive advantage. Below is a more thorough explanation of what each stat does depending on it's tier. Remember always that the higher the level of stat, the more useful it will be. When picking your class be sure to pick one that will offer stats that benefit your character.

The Strength stat is used to determine a number of things. Firstly it determines your power with non-elemental melee attacks. This can include your fists, gauntlets, swords, pillars, and just about anything that can be used as a melee weapon. It also determines how much weight you can carry and therefore how much you can carry. The Strength stat is directly measured against the defense stat when calculating damage.

0You're the weakest of the weak which is much less than even that of an average human being. You might be able to rip a piece of paper if you punch it, maybe. At most you can carry one slot of equipment, and even then you're struggling with it. There's no way you could lift any more than 50 lbs (22.6 kg).
1You've got some peashooters sprouting from the shoulders. You're slightly weaker than the average human being. Carrying two slots of equipment shouldn't be too difficult for you. You can lift around 100 lbs (45.4 kg).
2Those peashooters are turning into slingshots. You're getting a good bit stronger. You're about as strong as the average Joe now, capable of breaking boards when using an ability. You can hold three slots of equipment pretty easily. You're also able to lift about 200 lbs (90.7 kg)
3Its clear you've been working out for a little bit now. Your body is getting more toned and now you could break wood without even having to use an ability. You're still capable of holding three slots of equipment. When lifting you can lift around 300 lbs (136 kg). The fruits of your labor are starting to show.
4You're now a good bit stronger than a regular person but are far from superhuman. You can carry four slots of equipment but have a similar striking power as to before. You can lift around 400 lbs (181.4 kg). Keep up the good work.
5As your muscles expand you start to realize that you're far from your max and keep pushing yourself a little further each time. With a strong enough punch you can break a cinderblock. While you can't hold any more equipment you can lift up to 500 (226.8kg) lbs now.
6After capping the hump, your strength is starting to increase more exponentially. You've become slightly superhuman, able to break bricks with ease. You're able to carry five slots of equipment. You can now lift up to 500 lbs (226.8 kg) with focus. 
7Swelling with power, your body is starting to hone it's strength to the fullest. With the ability to bend metal rods and crush body parts with your hands, you're a force to be reckoned with. You can carry six slots of equipment and can now lift a ton (900 kg)
8You're simply a brute at this point. Your punches could likely leave massive marks in solid walls, tearing them down with enough blows. You can carry seven slots of equipment and easily lift ten tons (9,000 kg)
9Nearly at your capacity, your physical prowess over most is clear. Easily able to juice human bodies, the strength in your arms is able to produce enough force to cause matter to shift around it. You can carry nine slots of equipment and lift one hundred tons of weight. (90,000 kg)
10Capable of destroying mountains, you've earned the title of Monster. Those who face you fear having their limbs ripped from body from basic punches thrown their way. You can carry ten slots of equipment and easily lift a ship the size of a man o' war or five hundred tons. (450,000 kg)
The Power stat determines how much damage one can do with non-physical attacks. This can include fire, poison, smoke, water, darkness, light, slow slow beams, age manipulation and just about anything that isn't a physical attack or that falls under the dexterity stat. The power stat changes nothing besides the efficiency of your power attacks. No table is necessary for the power stat because each type of power skillset has it's own strengths based on what the skillset is. Should there be a skillset for the Mera Mera no Mi, the higher your power skill, the hotter your fire is going to burn. The Power stat is directly measured against the Toughness stat when calculating damage.
The Dexterity stat is somewhat of a mixture between the strength and power stat. It has the capability to use both. Non-elemental 

The method of fighting that many people who don't know much of One Piece will have a hard time understanding. This stat determine how powerful your Haki is, but not what kind of Haki you have. Your Haki type is rolled for here. INSERT HAKI ROLL LINK HERE. What this stat does for your Haki will be further explained in the INSERT HAKI SYSTEM HERE, but in general, like other stats, it will make your Haki abilities 1% more powerful.

Defense (Def)

Defense is on of the two defensive stats offered here. For each stat point invested into Defense, it will be 1% more effective at taking hits from the Strength and Dexterity Stat. It gives you the ability to suck up some physical damage before delivering some of your own in return. For counter-attackers, defense is a skill that's almost necessary if you intend to participate in a bit of short range combat. It protects you from all non-elemental damage whether that be Fists, Swords, Bullets, Cannonballs, and everything in between. If you get hit by a ship, your defense stat is the one that will save you. It directly counters the toughness stat, which protects you from elemental damage.

It is possible to do damage with the Defense stat as well. As shown above, defense is capable of sucking up physical damage. When possible, you want to get the damage you take to below 0%. After the damage reaches the negatives, you are no longer taking full damage and are now delivering some damage back to whatever is attacking you. If you are capable of causing the damage to reach less than -100%, you are completely immune from the damage they are attempting to deliver. The force will instead simply be reflected back to them.

Toughness (Tgh)

Same as Defense but instead applies only to Power and Haki moves. You can resist them all the same. For every point that you invest into the Toughness stat, you'll be able to tank Power, Special Dexterity and Haki techs 1% more effectively. Toughness offers a character the ability to soak up some magical damage. Things like fireballs, ice spikes, exploding stars and even mental tricks can be resisted using the Toughness stat. It acts as a foil to the defense stat so if you're fighting someone with a high Power stat, you're more likely to survive if using the Toughness stat. While not all devil fruit use the Power stat for attacks, a large majority of them do. Nearly every logia attack will be using the power stat. That's why its important to toughen up!

Similar to the defense stat, Toughness acts in the same way when calculating damage. However, unlike Defense, Toughness can not directly deliver damage back to the attacker when values enter the negatives. Instead, once damage reaches beyond -100%, the defender has the ability to deflect projectiles in a direction of choice or back in the direction of which they came should they be fast enough to do so.

Speed (Spd)

Have the need to go fast? The speed stat is for you. For every point you invest into this stat, you will be 1% faster. (Base starting speed is 20 m/s). The more you want speed, the more you put into this stat. This applies to your hand speeds just as much as your leg speeds. Things that don't normally vary based on an amount of training such as digestive speed or thinking speed wouldn't be included in this stat. This stat is one to invest into if you're scared of taking hits. A lot of devil fruit such as the Goro Goro no Mi will boost the speed stat passively, however for most we will need to invest in the stat if we wish to get out of the way of those big attacks. Oftentimes those who invest highly in this stat must sacrifice investing into the defensive stats and in the end can end up either coming out of a battle completely unscathed or not coming out at all.

Perception (Per)

The perfect counter to speed. For every point you invest in the Perception stat, you will be able to track speeds 1% faster. Those speed demons have ruled the world for far too long but now there's a way to stop them. Investing in the Perception stat is almost necessary unless you want to be a dope that's hit by every single attack that comes their way. Even when you're capable of tanking every hit that comes your way, its still a good idea to have an idea as to where it's coming from. 

Your perception skill allows you to act faster upon seeing a motion. You're able to track speeds equal to your own perception. That being said, perception also plays a part in the speed stat. In order to accurately perceive your own movements and react in accordance to them you mustn't move at speeds any faster than your own perception. This means that if you want to move at 200% speed you must have at least 100% perception!

Perception determines the rate in which you can notice someone attempting to sneak. Not only does it allow you to see better but you're also able to hear and smell significantly better as well. 1% better per skill point invested in fact.


The stat that you don't even know is there! The luck stat has one simple purpose. Every time you gain Beli, your luck stat will help you make even more money! For every point you invest into the Luck stat you will receive 1% more Beli each time you find a treasure! As of now, that's about all it does. 

Stamina (Stam)
Stamina is necessary to use any tech and with a small stamina reserve you won't be able to do very much if you get exhausted too easily. The base amount of stamina a character has is 100. For every point invested into the stamina stat, you'll have a 1% larger stamina pool and regain 1% more stamina each turn.
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Stats Explanation WIP
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