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 Races WIP

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PostSubject: Races WIP    Mon Jan 18, 2016 2:24 pm

In the world of One Piece humans have always been the most dominant species despite the vast majority of the map being covered in sea. Most islands in the world are mostly inhabited by humans despite being physically inferior to other species such as giants and fishmen. Their surplus in numbers has allowed them to reign supreme over other species, even enslaving other species to do their bidding at times. Most other races face prejudice from the humans for little reason other than being different. They come in varying sizes, being as short as 4 feet tall to as tall as 20 feet tall in rare cases. At times human take on odd appearances causing them to look as intimidating as a demon or as harmless as a lamb. They share blood types with Merfolk, and fishmen and are able to transfuse blood between the three.

Able to have 2 Occupations. 

Passive +1 Dexterity Stat
Passive +2 Luck Stat

Relatively low stat boosts
Face hatred from Shandians, Dwarves and Fishmen

Pound for pound, fishmen are the strongest species in the one piece world. Generally, fishmen are a visual combination of a fish or other aquatic creature and a human. They are not, however, produced from the breeding of a fish and a human or anything of the sort. Rather, they are a species all of their own. Generally fishmen breed with other fishmen to create more fishmen. These brutes always take on the qualities of their fish counterpart as well as humanoid qualities. Generally fishmen are around 6-8 feet tall, however towering fishmen have been seen to be in the teens.

Passive +3 Strength Stat
Passive +5 Speed Stat (While in water)
Full Access to Fishman Karate Despite Class

-2 Power Stat
-1 Luck Stat
Face racism from humans

The people of the sky. Shandians look very similar to humans despite all having a small pair of wings that grow from their backs. Skypieans also look very similar to humans but along with wings they also have small antennae (which is really hair trained to spike in the same manner as antennae) that sprout from their heads. Both the wings and antennae are useless, offering no bonuses to the users. Generally Skypieans have a lighter skintone than Shandians.

Passive +2 Dexterity Stat
Passive +1 Stamina Stat
1/2 Cost of Dials
Passive -4 Haki Stat

The Kuja are a tribe of all female warriors from the island of Amazon Lily. the majority of them have never strayed from their island and therefore have never seen a man in their life. More often than not Kuja wear warrior style outfits that take on a more skimpy style appearance. Most have straps and bikini style clothing that only slightly cover their intimates. Most warriors carry a large snake with them that tends to wrap around the body. These snakes are most often used as bows. It is rumored that they have a superior knowledge of Haki.

+3 Haki Stat
Able to start with Haki
Access to an equal tier "Snake Weapon"
Extremely limited knowledge on the rest of the world
Can only wear light armor

Most commonly from the island of Elbaf, giants are towering figures that make men look like mere ants on the ground. Many giants are based on vikings as determined by their apparel and their choice of weapons. When a giant cries, it seems almost as if the area is flooding due to the massive size of their tears. Humans of the largest size are only able to reach the knee of a giant. Physically, giants have identical anatomy to that of humans other than the massive size of each part of the body. Giants in this world can be up to 75 feet tall.

+5 Strength
+3 Defense
+3 Toughness
-3 Speed
-2 Perception

-2 Dexterity
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Races WIP
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