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 Class System WIP

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PostSubject: Class System WIP   Fri Jan 22, 2016 5:28 pm

The Class System is likely a stat system that many will be unfamiliar with and it's likely that starting here will benefit a player the most. Classes are predetermined stat sets that characters are allowed to take on. Each class has 3 Tiers which control how tall the stat cap on each stat is. Picking a different class will allow you to specialize in something entirely different which allows many different kinds of play-styles. This allows an extensive variation between players at the same time as preventing characters from spending all their points in a single stat. 

To improve your class you will be forced to purchase stat points (SP). To purchase stat points one must shell out experience points (EXP) in trade. The cost of each stat point remains static until the user ranks up. After the rank up, the EXP value of stat points will increase and require you to spend more EXP to increase the level of a stat.

Stat Point Costs:
Tier One: 100 EXP Each
Tier Two: 200 EXP Each
Tier Three: 500 EXP Each

Example Class:

Brawler T1
All attacks gain half (.5) a tier when calculating damage against defense
Strength: 4
Power: 0
Dexterity: 2
Haki: 1
Toughness: 3
Defense: 4
Speed: 2
Perception: 2
Stamina: 2
Luck: 0
Total: 20

As seen in the above class, each class has a name and a tier. While this class is Brawler T1, Brawler T2 and T3 will be available upon ranking this class up. In order to do so you must first fill out all of the stat requirements listed above. To move on to Brawler T2 you must have 4 SP (Stat Points) in Strength, 2 in Dexterity, 1 in Haki, 4 in Defense, 3 in Toughness, 2 in Speed, 2 in Perception and 2 in Stamina. These are called your stat caps. Your stats cannot surpass these amounts while on the current tier, however upon ranking up these caps will increased to higher values. You can rank up once you've fulfilled all conditions and reached each desired amount with each stat. This particular class has a total stat cap amount of 20 SP.

Stat Caps for Each Class and Rarity:

TierMax SP

TierMax SP

TierMax SP

Along with tiers, another important thing to pay attention to is the rarity of the class. The rarer the class the better it is. The three rarities are Basic, Rare, and LegendaryBasic classes are available to everyone right at the beginning of the creation of their character. Rare and Legendary Classes on the other hand are different. These must be gained in character. The most common way to find classes is the same as the most common way to find devil fruit, in chests. Unlike devil fruit, classes cannot be traded or sold. Instead they are bound to a character. It is possible to switch between classes between threads. Don't worry about losing your progress because you will be able to return to your old class if you desire. However, upon gaining a new class your old stat points do not transfer. You cannot move stat points from class A to class B but instead have to earn experience to pay for more stat points for the class.

Each Class has a unique ability that it offers a character upon adopting the class. Upon ranking up you will receive a new bonus ability that stacks with the one you currently have. This means that each class can offer up to three abilities to be gained. This is one of the most crucial reasons to improve a character's tier. These abilities are oftentimes make or break abilities, though they do get more powerful as the tier increases.

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PostSubject: Re: Class System WIP   Sun Jan 24, 2016 6:47 pm

Class example-


Juggernaunt (Can max Defense)
Marksmen (Can max perception)
Swordsman (Can max swordskills)
Brawler (can max either speed or strength)
Martial Artist (can max fighting skills)
Haki Enthusiast (can max Haki)
Devil Fruit Specialist (can max Devil Fruit)
Wildcard - All balanced
Medic (Can max 1 thing of choice, but at the cost of keeping 1 stat at tier 1. Also have to balance stats so it doesn't become broke)
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PostSubject: Re: Class System WIP   Mon Jan 25, 2016 8:11 pm

Ability Description

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PostSubject: Re: Class System WIP   

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Class System WIP
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