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 Stamina System WIP

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PostSubject: Stamina System WIP   Sat Jan 23, 2016 1:12 pm

Stamina (Stam) is the source of all of the powers we use in the One Piece world. You can't expect someone to be able to release abilities all day without having any repercussion on their body. In order to balance the amount of abilities one can perform we've created a stamina system. When using abilities you will take a predetermined amount of stamina out of your stamina pool based on the tier of the ability that was used. Your stamina pool varies based on your stamina stat.

Stam Level
Stam Pool
Stam Regen

Clearly, investing in stamina will allow you to use many more powerful attacks from your skillsets. These abilities are oftentimes the most key components associated in RP. The combinations that you as a player invent will be the ultimate deciding factor of if you can win the match against someone of higher rank than yourself.

Not to mention that investing in stamina allows you to regenerate some stamina every turn. For every level of stamina that you invest in, you'll be able to regenerate a small percentage of your pool every turn due to your intense amount of conditioning. So for example, if your Stamina is level one you'll have a stamina pool of 100. You will be able to regenerate 1% of that (1 Stamina) every turn. Now if you're level 10 in stamina, you'll regenerate 15% of 750 stamina every turn which ends up being a whopping 112.5 Stamina every turn. This can obviously make a big difference in the long run. Alternatively, you can rest in a post. Resting does not require you to stand still but rather not use an ability while combat is obviously in place. Resting allows you to regenerate double to the listed value of stamina. This requires no active abilities to be in place as well.

Now onto the cost of abilities depending on their tier. These values are generally pretty static but in some cases they can be adjusted depending on the ability (of course at an admin's discretion). Based on the tier or "strength" of your ability, you will be paying more stamina to dish out larger attacks. It is important to keep track of how much stamina you're using in game. Below are the stamina values of each tier ability:

Stam Cost

From the outside, these stamina costs seem quite high. However all classes are capable of reaching a stamina pool of 300 (even the basic ones). So while not all basic classes are capable of using tier 5 abilities, they make up for it in other stats generally. Most rare classes will be able to reach a stamina pool of 500 and all legendary classes are capable of reaching the maximum of 750.

While on the topic of stamina, its time to talk about fatigue. Characters begin feeling fatigue when they've exhausted too much of their stamina and it begins taking a toll on their bodies. This is an ideal time to rest because based on the amount of stamina you have left, you might be far less powerful than you were originally. The effects of fatigue take place immediately after the ability that was used to drain your character.

Stam Lost
Tier Losses

So based on the table above, once you've lost 50% of your stamina, all of your stats will be reduced by a single tier. Two tiers once you've depleted 75%. It gets pretty obvious from there. Once you've depleted every last drop of stamina you have, at that point your character will pass out. We strongly advise against using up all your stamina. The Haki stat is unaffected by fatigue.
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Stamina System WIP
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