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 Tasks and Adventures

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PostSubject: Tasks and Adventures   Sat Jan 30, 2016 6:09 pm

So, the best way for a hard working guy to get some Beli and EXP in his pocket is to do a couple of Tasks. Tasks are like individual missions. They can range from attacking a lowly group of bandits and looting them to taking the world government head on! They an do practically anything that serves a purpose. Every single character despite faction is eligible to do tasks. And oftentimes, you will be required to make your own custom tasks than participating in one's given by the site. The site will give some, obviously, however they may not be as frequent as you would like. It should be known that the same task cannot be repeated more than once per week and this is only in the case of non unique missions. Missions that would be illogical to repeat or that reward a unique item will be unrepeatable.

Below is the template to make custom missions. Each must follow the below template and will need to be approved by a designated staff member before the character is able to partake in it.

[b]Task Name: [/b]
[b]Tier: [/b]
[b]Type: [/b]
[b]Requirements: [/b]
[b]Reward: [/b]
[b]Description: [/b]

Now for newer members the fields (bulked texts) may seem a bit unclear so they will be explained below.

Task Name: This one is pretty straight forward. This is just the designated title of the
Tier: This defines what Tier character this mission is open to. See levels for better understand. LEVEL LINK HERE
Type: PC or NPC. PC means that staff will act as the nonplayable characters in the mission. NPC means the mission creator will act as the nonplayable characters. In PC missions, characters are able to loot items from the nonplayable characters in the task. Certain PC missions will be allowed a reward of a devil fruit so long as the main target of the mission is a PC. PC missions might make for a better story, however the staff team is known for their combat prowess (at least some of them).
Requirements: Any special requirements needed before doing this mission. This could be prior missions or even a specific faction.
Reward: The payout for this mission, see below.
Description: A very detailed description of the mission. If there are any enemies, be sure to define what stats and items they have.

General Rewards:
Tier 1: 50 EXP, 1 Wooden Chest
Tier 2: 100 EXP, 1 Metal Chest
Tier 3: 200 EXP, 1 Bronze Chest
Tier 4: 300 EXP, 1 Silver Chest
Tier 5: 500 EXP, 1 Gold Chest

Special Items or even devil fruit can be given for certain missions. This is the best way to attain custom devil fruit. Canon devil fruit can be found in random chests. Allowances of extra EXP or some other reward may be allowed in a mission should the user choose to sacrifice their chest.

Along with a Beli or EXP reward to basic missions there also comes a small amount of Bounty or Reputation along with it. These are just base amounts for each mission you do, however like in all threads,in your tasks you can gain additional Bounty or Reputation for your actions.

Tier 1: +1,000
Tier 2: +10,000
Tier 3: +100,000
Tier 4: +1,000,000
Tier 5: +10,000,000

Word Count (WC) requirements are default in every mission. The value is static based on the tier the mission and therefore requires a higher amount of WC for a higher payout. This is only logical to those who have spent enough time in the rp community.

Tier 1: 500 Words
Tier 2: 750 Words
Tier 3: 1,000 Words
Tier 4: 1,500 Words
Tier 5: 2,000 Words

After exceeding the required WC, just as in all threads, for every additional 500 words you write you will gain 50 EXP.

Adventures are basically like arcs. They are just a series of adventures, usually ending with a specific boss. Most events will follow the same style as an adventure, however you a permitted to make your own in order to make a sort of private event of sorts. Adventures will simply be storylines comprised by a series of Tasks. At the end of the adventure you will be permitted a special prize of which you yourself can name. Staff will decide if your prize is eligible and then send you on your way. The following is the template for adventures. Simply place it at the same time as you place the rest of your tasks:

[b]Adventure Name:[/b]
[b]Number of Tasks:[/b]
[b]Task List:[/b]

I'm sure you're curious about the tier field. As you should be. The tier field applies to what tier the tasks within the Adventure average to be (make sure to round). The tier average helps us to determine how special your final prize is allowed to be. While normally characters can only participate in missions of their tier or lower, during any adventure containing five or more tasks, the user can participate in the final mission even if they're not high enough tier yet. But this is only if the tier requirement is no more than one tier higher than the users.
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Tasks and Adventures
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